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Full Service

This is perfect for the super busy bride or the bride who wants the entire process to be pleasant and stress-free. We assist with all elements of preparation, planning, design and orchestration for your event. 

Sixty Day

When you need just the finishing touches. Design evaluation, confirmation and follow-up with vendors, and preparation of event day timelines. We then coordinate and oversee the entire event.

Day Of

Offering an experienced hand to take over on the special day to allow you to enjoy the day and make memories. We make sure everything is ready and then coordinate your wedding day.  

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Events and Celebrations

From birthday parties and anniversary celebrations, to holiday festivities, Elegant Events has the experience, skills, and creativity to take your social affair to the next level. We love to take life's milestones and create beautiful fun moments that will be remember and cherished forever. 

Social Packages

Social events are excitingly unique in their aspect and services needed, with that in mind we offer a custom package and service approach, giving VIP attention to the specific details of your event.