Venue Coordinator versus Wedding Coordinator

So many times, brides say the are just going to use the venue's coordinator. Just make sure that you understand roles and find out what your coordinator will be doing. Found this great article that sums up the difference:

Kirsten Fischer, wedding planner of Fab Event Designoften hears the question, "What's the difference between what you do and what the venue coordinator does?" Good question. Here, Kirsten it breaks down, task by task. Though both coordinators are imperative to ensuring your wedding day goes smoothly, the roles are vastly diferent. Don't know who cleans up the glass your one-too-many uncle accidentally broke? Or who pins the boutonnieres to your ushers? Read on.

What a venue coordinator does: 

• Arrive first to make sure the doors are unlocked
• Give vendors access to load and unload
• Ensure the power works and the lights are on  then figure out how to turn lights on again if you blow fuses
• Clean the space, set it and reset it if there is a flip from ceremony to reception
• Keep their staff, which sometimes includes catering and bar staff, on task
• Make sure the site is secure and safe, such as clearing the dance floor of dropped glass while boozeydancing ensues
• Keeps the end of the night tasks like clean up and guest departure safe and on time for vendors and guests
• Is often the last one out the door at the end of a long (awesome) day to lock the doors
• Runs tasks perfectly all night and is an advocate for the venue and its staff

What a wedding coordinator does:

• Help you plan the details of your wedding, like décor and timeline
• Care about the little details such as colors, flowers, dessert tables and straw flags
• Handles distributing personal flowers and pinning flowers to right people
• Make sure the ceremony décor is done and transports ceremony items to reception
• Ensures the ceremony happens on time and you walk down the aisle in the right order
• Double-checks that linens and table numbers are on the right tables and that your escort cards are out (and in order)
• Keeps the timeline in mind all day and night, cueing the toasts and starting your dance around the right time
• Checks that the lighting color is correct and that the small décor details are done right
• Confirms your vendors and wedding party what they need to do their jobs
• Ensures the tasks you planned well in advance of the day are carried out just as you had planned
• Oversees or actually does the clean up at the end of the night
• Is the second to last person out the door at the end of a long (awesome) day
• Is your advocate and go-to for all the pretty little details of the wedding


Article from: Minnesota Bride